So, I wanted to do a 365 thing

I love 365 stuff be it books, blogs, lists, almanacs, pithy calendars, whatever. I’ve always wanted to do a 365. And I am 59 years old today so as they say in Japanese, キリがいいです。It’s good timing. I also want to do an expedition. And I want to save my health before I hit the big one next time.

If the internet says it, it’s true. Maybe there are people who still believe it. But what I do believe is that if you put yourself out there and say something, you’re going to pressure yourself to do a little better on persevering. Truthfully, I suck at New Year’s Resolutions. Who doesn’t? And I have had idea-itis my whole life. I do not seem like someone who can do a 365. It’s more likely to be a 273. I’ll get sick, I’ll travel, I’ll give up, or I will wander off-course and never come back.

So, miso soup? It’s been done before, I’m sure. At least I’m sure it has been done in Japan. A different miso soup for each day is a big premise of Japanese cooking and life. Since I make miso soup the old-fashioned way (not measuring anything and going by taste) my miso soup WILL be different everyday. I could not make it the same each day even if I tried and used the exact same ingredients. The big question is, can I really make it EVERY day?

Today’s miso soup: Onions, aburage (that’s thin deep-fried tofu), carrots, baby bok choy.



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