Summer shoves its way back in again

Not that I thought we’d go peacefully into fall, but the return of the humidity just tires me out. Maybe it is time for some stamina ryori. Stamina is just what it sounds like and ryori is cooking. It’s a Japanese tradition to eat something to build stamina during the summer—particularly in August when a long and hot summer has sapped our energy. It could be organ meat like liver, or it could be unagi or eel. I decided that I should investigate my options since neither of those seem feasible to me today. I checked Cookpad, a great resource for recipes, and it gave me a list. (By the way, Cookpad has a nice English site here.) I couldn’t find a recipe that seemed just right for me, but it gave me an idea for something based on the ingredients. Though most of them contain meat, green pepper and eggplants seem to be included in many of them with a miso sauce. So that’s dinner tonight, with atsuage substituting for meat.

What kind of miso soup goes with a dinner that already has miso in it? It boggles my mind. Something to investigate for the future.

Today’s miso soup: No soup since dinner already had miso in it. See?



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