It’s just too darn hot

Summer has returned this week and temperatures are climbing and hanging around in the nineties. I went back to my miso soup guru to find out how to whet my appetite for miso soup when it is this hot. Perusing a list of summer miso soups told me what I already knew; either you use summer vegetables or you go for something mild and add something to jumpstart your appetite.

By evening I’m just going to want some cold noodles, so I made miso soup for lunch.

Today’s miso soup: I found an appetizing combination of carrots and tofu. That goes down easy in the heat, especially with a light white miso. The suggestion was to add a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. I’ve never put sesame seeds in miso soup, but it did add that extra something or plus alpha as they used to say in Japan.



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