It’s cabbage time!

Every year in the autumn I plague our Japanese farmer with the same question: “キャベツはまだですか?I think they are amused by how much I look forward to their cabbage, but if you’ve ever eaten cabbage in Japan, you know how much softer and tastier it is than the American equivalent. I’m not talking about Chinese cabbage or anything exotic. It is just a plain old head of cabbage but once you’ve tasted it you can’t go back. It cooks up quickly in a stir-fry, works nicely for salad, and of course it is wonderful in any Japanese dish. Today was the day that the cabbage appeared so I’ll be eating cabbage all week. It’s a short season and I’ve never figured out any good way to freeze it so I just eat tons of it while it lasts.

Today there was a craft fair on the Common here and I was on the look out for my favorite potter. When you see a photo of my miso soup in a ceramic bowl you’ll know it comes from him. He’s a cool guy and he has a website called Wandering Mug. He likes to set his mugs free in the world and let them wander. He gave me one today and I’ll use it for a few weeks before I send it out into the world. And I did stock up on bowls, most of which will work nicely for soup.

Today’s miso soup: A simple soup of cabbage and aburaage or thin deep-fried tofu. I’m still mostly making my soup with the white organic miso. It just hits the spot and goes down so well. Beautiful bowl, right?!

FullSizeRender 3


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