I hardly know what to cook

Autumn beckons, summer slaps back. It’s dry out there for the first time in months, and then you wake up and the humidity has crept in the back door.

Epic fail for me because I assumed autumn was here and made a huge pot of butajiru again. I like autumn because you can cook up a stew-like dish on Sunday and eat it during the week until you run out. So that’s what I made and it was delicious on Sunday and Monday. Today…. it just doesn’t feel right. But that’s what I’m having for dinner.

Today’s miso soup: A loaded one with pork, deep-fried tofu, daikon, carrots and satsumaimo or Japanese sweet potatoes. Satsumaimo are a pale yellow inside and much tastier than the ones you normally find in America. I usually buy them at Whole Foods. I left this soup on the stove on a low boil and there was barely any soup left. However, the flavor of all the vegetables is superb.



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