Soup full of Goo

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Goo, or more properly “gu”  具 just means ingredients. And while the type of miso that you use to create the soup is important, it is the gu that most people are thinking of. People in America are used to the gu that you find in soup at Japanese restaurants which seems to be tiny tofu pieces and seaweed. Probably much of this is reconstituted from dried ingredients. I find it to be salty. So sometimes people are surprised about the ingredients that I use. Miso soup can really have anything in it. And a hearty miso soup often hits the spot on a cool day. With autumn vegetables at their peak, my soup has more gu than soup. To the point of: am I drinking or eating my soup?

Today’s miso soup: atsuage (thick deep-fried tofu), carrots, daikon, hakusai (Chinese cabbage)



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