Hearty stuff

I worked from home again today and made a very hearty miso soup for lunch. There’s nothing much different from the usual ingredients here, but what did change was the way I cut the vegetables. There are so many ways to create variety here depending on both the shape and the size of the vegetables. Today it was all about hunks. Hunks take longer to cook, but give the soup a very hearty feel.

Today’s soup also had satsumaimo or Japanese sweet potatoes in it. Rumor has it that Trader Joe’s is now selling these under the name of Murasaki Sweet Potatoes. Murasaski means purple in Japanese and these potatoes are purple on the outside and very pale yellow in the inside.  I cannot tell you how much better these taste than American sweet potatoes or yams. I get mine at Whole Foods. They are well worth trying!

Today’s miso soup: Chunky carrots, daikon, satsumaimo, and some onions for flavor. I almost never put sweet potato in miso soup, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they gave the soup a slightly sweet flavor. I’ll definitely be using them frequently from here on out.



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