Last miso soup of the year

Apologies for neglecting to post. On this last year of 2015 I have already eaten too much omochi, so today I was craving a soup chock full of vegetables. Unfortunately, my fridge wasn’t yielding too much on this last day of the year, but I did achieve a healthy mix. I hope to be making more and more soup in 2016.

Today’s miso soup: To my surprise I was scraping the bottom of the bin of the white miso I’ve grown so fond of. I had to add a little red miso to complete the soup, so today’s soup is awase-miso, or mixed miso. It has lots of tofu, some carrots chopped using rangiri, or in chunks, and some spinach and scallions. I used baby spinach leaves left over from salad. I put them in after the miso, and with the stove turned off just letting the heat of the soup itself wilt the leaves. If you put in spinach too soon your soup will turn an odious green!



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